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Project 2: 'Type Manifesto' | Type Personality Activities


One of the mini activities we were given were to collect 20 different ampersands. I chose to display mine in booklet form using a saddle stitched binding using thread.

Talking Type/Type Personality

The next activity involved us being given a choice of two scripts which we had to translate into typography. We had to assign an appropriate typeface to each person that represented them and so that we could "see" their voices.

​Choosing the script from Harry Potter, I started out experimenting with a few typefaces for each character first. I wanted the typeface for Hagrid to infer his size so chose a thick, bold font. For McGonagal I tried to find a typeface that represented her seriousness using a thin, clean serif font. I wanted Dumbledores to come across as the most interesting using a typeface with serifs to represent his authority, but also showing some quirkiness.

I then experimented with a few different layouts, first digitally and then by cutting and sticking onto layout paper.

DIY Alphabet

For this activity we were given a day to create our own DIY alphabet inspired by the various alphabets in presentation we were shown. I chose to make up the letters using different office-like supplies I had available to me in my room such as paperclips, push-pins, staples, felt-tips, post-it notes and biro pens.



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