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Session 9 : Western Post-War Illustration

Bernie Fuchs

Bernie Fuchs was an American illustrator who's created photography based paintings of mundane, everyday moments, creating visual interest through his use of colour and mark-making. He is known for creating unique paintings through his way of changing the point of view of the setting.

Lorraine Fox

Another notable American illustrator was Lorraine Fox, known for her nostalgic, emotive paintings giving the viewer a glimpse into the everyday world they don't normally notice. Much like Fuchs, she would use unique mark making and play with angles and viewpoints, all in a variety of styles.

In response to these artists, I chose to take some photographs of everyday moments, trying to capture the ordinary but in a more visually pleasing/unique way. I did this by taking the images at slightly different angles, to make the compositions more dynamic and possibly help the viewer see these mundane moments in a different, more interesting way to how they would normally expect. In addition, I added a few filters using photoshop to make them more artistic and give them more texture like they are painted.



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