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Session 7 : Broadway Boogie-Woogie/High Modernity & America

The collage 'Just what is it that makes todays homes so different, so appealing?' was created by Richard Hamilton and is considered to be the first iconic piece of pop art. It was created in 1956 for the exhibition 'This is Tomorrow' held in London and represents the theme of consumerism, social culture and visions of the future.

Hamilton incorporated categories into his collage such as man, food, history, TV and technology, some of which I tried to include in my own 2019 response.

Beginning with an image of a modern living room, I digitally added elements such as a poster and ballot box to represent the current political affairs going on such as the current election, as well as an image of the Australia wildfires seen through the window. In addition, I wanted to represent the popularity of selfie taking during this time, choosing to also include a logo for veganism on the mans shirt, a movement really starting to become popular. For technology, I chose to incorporate the TV showing the logo for Netflix, as well as the newest iPad Pro by Apple displaying the logo for the Ticktock app, an application many people seem to be fans of. Finally, to represent TV/film, I wanted to include the character Simba from the newest release of The Lion King, which was hyped up a lot this year.



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