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Project 3: Packaging | Purdey's Drinks


For this project I decided to create my own brief based on an old D&AD New Blood Awards brief that involved repackaging the well-being drink ‘Purdey’s; I chose to re-design the current three flavours from the ‘Natural Energy’ range.

Based on their current packaging, I feel the style is quite sophisticated and probably aimed at a slightly older audience so I aim to try and create a solution that will bring in a younger audience while still being cohesive with the brand identity, staying aimed at a health-conscious, active audience who wish to ‘seek balance and sustainability.

The original brief can be seen here:

Download PDF • 63KB


I began by researching the previous and current packaging for the brand. Last year the brand brought out a new range of drinks that includes three flavours that have replaced the original 'Rejuvenate' and 'Edge' so I chose to consider those when creating my own designs.

I then researched to find out what the brands competition is in the health drink sector in order to see how I can make the new designs stand out on the shelf. Most seem to focus the design on the flavour of the drink by keeping the same design but change the colour to match the flavour.

I then started researching exisitng packaging to find some inspiration. I tried to consider sustainability, health and sophistication while thinking about how I can reach a wider demographic using shape and colour.

Thumbnails Sketches

I then did some thumbnail sketches, thinking about how I could represent the flavours. I did a lot of fruit illustrations to find out how I could make them more interesting than just an obvious image of the flavour on the can. I ended up taking inspiration from artists such as Anna Kovecses as I liked her use of minimalist shape and colour.


I struggled to get going with the project as I was unsure how to use the fruit illustrations in a way that wasn't just putting a fruit illustration on a can. I experimented with colour combinations and creating patterns and also came up with an idea that involved putting people in fruit costumes being active but decided against it because I couldn't get them to look quite right and thought it looked too childish.

I eventually decided on an illustration of a head made to look like a bowl of fruit to emphasise the idea of ‘brain food’, using my block colour vector style illustrations.

Final Designs

Here are my final can designs. I also included mockups of the multipack boxes to complement the cans.

I chose to make the background opaque white for a clean look and to make the colours pop more, as well as keep any light-sensitive ingredients safe.

I feel like I have met the brief quite well as I think the brighter colours and illustrations will attract a wider range of customers while still staying recognisable as part of Purdey’s brand.



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