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Project 2: Technical Skills | 'Old School' Activities

The first two weeks of this project revolved around us practicing, experimenting, planning and exploring. The aim was to get us to develop competence independently and learn from looking at the work of others; to engage with the world. We were given two weeks of old school projects to work through to showcase our problem solving, showing no glue or construction marks.

Books Our first few tasks instructed us to make three books; saddle-stitched, stab-stitched and perfectly bound. Each of these included certain specific requirements such as size and decorative motives on the covers and inside the pages.


The next tasks involved working on our presentation skills, mounting postcards, drawing out shapes pristinely and embossing. Each of these had to have specific size requirements and be centred correctly.


We then moved on the cutting. Tasks included cutting out a circle perfectly with a 40mm radius, cutting out and mounting type in a specific size and font and creating our own decorative paper cut out using a craft knife.

The Third Dimension

These tasks involved making 3-D shapes of specific measurements, experimenting with surface patterns and creating our own paper sculptures using cutting and folding techniques.

Paper Play Session

This sessions aim was to encourage us to think about folding, cutting, light and shape by creating mini pop-ups and photograph them from a series of different angles.

Anatomy of Type and Type Personality Workshop

​There are different features that make up letters. For this workshop we were tasked to render a sentence accurately on tracing paper, making sure to consider the anatomy of each character, 'thicks and thins', and the leading and kerning of each character/word.



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