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Project 1: Hierarchy and Layout | Typographic Layouts


For this project we had the choice of two different events to produce three different typographic layouts for. We had to consider hierarchy, what information is most important and should be seen first etc, as well as present the information in a visually pleasing and attractive way. Each of the three layouts had to be in different formats and we had the choice of which typeface restriction we paired them with. All the copy had to be included and we couldn't add any images or colour.


First of all I took to the internet to find some interesting poster designs to inspire my typographic layouts. I also found inspiration from a couple of books ('Grid Systems' by Kimberly Elam and 'The Fundamentals of Typography' by Gavin Ambrose and Paul Harris).

Thumbnail Sketches

​I then started preparing as many thumbnail sketches as I could for each format. I tried to experiment with the layouts, whilst still considering legibility, even if they didn't turn out well. I also tried to consider which pieces of information should be seen first such as the title of the event which I usually wrote out fully and bolder than the rest. The other lines indicate areas of body copy or other event details that wouldn't be as prominent.

Moving over to the computer I started to transfer some of the thumbnail designs onto InDesign. This I found quite challenging as my ideas didn't tend to work very well in combination with the restrictions we had to incorporate. Never the less, below are my initial mock ups.

140x140/One typeface in as many sizes:

140x140/One typeface, and it's related bold, in one size:

115x207/One typeface in as many sizes:

245x100/Two typefaces in two sizes:

After a few further developments; mainly changing initial fonts I choose for ones more suitable for body copy, and tweaking some of the alignments.

Final Designs

After receiving some feedback on my designs, I reworked them, adding the improvements suggested where I could. This mainly involved changing type point sizes and leading as well as some further alignments. I also created a mock up of the designs together so you can see how they might look in action.



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